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Great Dane mowers have two great advantages that make them
ideal for caravan and campsite owners: their wonderful
manoeuvrability and their ability to run on the same gas
cylinders as you already use to supply your caravans. The gas
conversion can be done at the time of ordering or later in our

With Great Dane's zero-turn capabilities you can steer out of the
toughest corner, between caravans, around tree plantations and
around the endless variety of tents and awnings, not to mention
power points, signs, etc, etc. You never need to cut the same
piece of grass twice and this results in a great time saving.
Never having to reverse speaks for itself.


"Most caravan park owners have never seen a Zero Turn mower working. BOOK A DEMO TODAY."

A full range of self-powered grass collection systems are available ensuring quality collection even on wet!!! grass. Many site-owners and
local authorities throughout the UK are now delighted Great Dane customers. Ask us for details and how Great Dane mowers can solve
your grass cutting problems.
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A Recent Case Study of Great Dane Mowers on a Caravan Park

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