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  LPG Conversions

All Great Dane mowers can be converted to run on Calor LPG
for increased economy and environmentally-friendly clean
burning. All these conversions are "dual fuel" so the machines
can still run on petrol for easier cold starting and to give you a
reserve supply in case your gas runs out on site.

Replaceable or refillable gas tanks can be fitted. If you use
Calor propane or butane as part of your business (if you run a
campsite for example) your mower can be adapted to use the
same cylinders. Why not use-up some of the half-filled
cylinders you have lying around? A 40 litre refillable gas tank
will fuel your mower for over 12 hours. The cylinder can be filled
from a static installation or at your local petrol station. These
tanks have a gauge fitted and are a fixture to the mower.
Tanks that are fitted to forklift trucks can  also be fitted to your
mowers. A store of these bottles can be kept and swapped by
the operator as required. Please contact us  for more

Walk-Behind Gas Mower


Stand-On Gas Mower

  information regarding running costs and installation.

For more information on LPG Mowers check out:

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