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Stand-On Mowers

The Super Surfer's strengths are its speed and agility. Some
commercial operators claim that it cuts 4 times as much grass
per hour than the equivalent walk-behind.
The most manoeuvrable rider mower in the world, it performs well
on slopes and hills due to its wide wheel base and low centre of
gravity. Its floating deck follows the contours of the ground for a
closer cut and allows it to climb kerbs effortlessly. The cutting
height can be adjusted in seconds without tools.
The simple design - 2 pumps, 2 motors, 4 hoses, make the Super
Surfer a dream to service. No more specialised repair bills and the
robust nature of the machine ensures years of trouble-free service.
The Super Surfer is available in cutting widths from 36" to 61" with
engines rated from 15hp to 23hp. It can be converted to run on
Calor LPG and supplied with a choice of options or modified to
your own specifications.
Solid construction   Simple lever controls   Floating cutter deck    

The Surfer is lighter than the Super Surfer. Available with a 19hp
23hp engine and a 34", 48" or 52" fixed deck, this compact stand-
on mower allows you to climb kerbs, make quick turns and trim
around trees, poles or any obstacle in your path. So you can mow
more lawns in much less time.
It is easy to operate with Dual Handle Control Levers and good
visibility from the stand-on platform, and features an aluminium
hydrostat reservoir for improved heat dissipation.

Since 1996 cutting grass standing up has become the norm in the USA with over 15,000 units now in service cutting amenity grass from
Alaska to Florida. It had always been a tradition that landscape contractors using walk-behind rotary mowers stood on a trolley and cut
at very high speed, travelling quickly from panel to panel of grass.
But with the introduction of the Super Surfer by Dane Scag in 1996, this product turned the industry upside down. Why? Increased
manoeuvrability, the ability to reverse, the ability to cut grass and never cut the same piece twice, the ability to get four mowers on your
trailer in a space reserved for two. Productivity, Productivity, Productivity.

"What the Users Say"

"Using the Super Surfer has allowed me to increase my workload with less staff, saving 1000s per year in wages and maintenance".
- Paul Kavanah, Green Ave Landscapes, Naas, Dublin
"We can cut industrial and housing sites with fewer machines due to the versatile nature and manoeuvrability of the Super Surfer which
leaves virtually no trimming. 7.00 per day extra in the fuel tank and 50 a day extra productivity." - Chris Pullan, Landscape Design
"We never cut the same piece of grass twice with the Super Surfer which is great because we don't get paid for cutting the same piece
of grass twice." - Mike Pender, Pender Landscapes
"The Great Dane Super Surfer - a stand-on mower for the price of a walk-behind and with four times the productivity"

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